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Blaine Lake Residential Services


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  • Garbage
  • Transfer Station
  • Recycling
  • Housing Authority



Blaine Lake's water supply comes from two wells. The water is treated with chlorine and filtered through four manganese greensand pressure filters. We have a Level 1 Water and Wastewater Certification Operator on staff. Water is tested daily with weekly samples being sent to the Provincial Lab for testing.


Water rates - monthly charge $34.50 per 3300 gallons



New lift station now completed.

Sewage rates are:

Residential - $12.00/Month
Hotels/Cafes/School - $20.00/month







Blaine Lake's garbage pick up is done by Loraas Disposal. The bins are provided to each residence by the Town.

Our weekly garbage day is Friday and bins should be on the curb by 8:00 am.


Garbage rates are: Residential - $19.00/Month

Our weekly garbage pickup is very early Friday mornings, please put your bin out Thursday evening to be sure its not missed.

The truck arrives in town around 6:30 am.


Loraas Collection Schedule 2017


Transfer Station

Tipping Fees for Landfill

Please contact the Town Office for commercial rates.


Recycling - See Info Page


The Blaine Lake Housing Authority


On behalf of Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, the Blaine Lake Housing Authority offers the Social Housing Program. The Program is designed to ensure that safe, adequate housing is available to those who could not otherwise afford it. Our tenants benefit from a safe place to call home, a community they can enjoy and peace of mind.


See Applicant Information